Pet Care Products

Lennox Head Vet Clinic can assist clients with a variety of pet health and pet care products. Our veterinary team are happy to help you select the right product for your pet's needs, whether they are nutritional requirements or over-the-counter shampoos, rinses, parasite preservatives, behavioural therapy products, treats or fashion accessories. We won't just point you in the right direction, we will also advise you on correct usage and the relative merits and features of a product.

If we don't have the required product or brand in stock, LHVC is happy to order it in for you.


Preventative health care, a good diet and regular check-ups are vital for the on-going health of your pet. At Lennox Head Vet Clinic, we support this philosophy with our range of quality animal health care products. We stock a range of the most reputable and vet clinic approved brands, however if there is a specific product you require, simply ask us about sourcing it for you.

Our extensive product range includes:

  • Over-the-counter nutritional supplements
  • Topical and oral worming preparations
  • Flea and tick prevention products (oral and topical)
  • Oral care products (including dental chews)
  • Prescription and specialised pet foods (brands listed below)
  • Shampoos, medicated washes and pet coat conditioners
  • Pet collars, leads and harnesses
  • Gentle leaders
  • Pet head collars and muzzles
  • Behavioural products
  • Cat carry cages

We stock a range of health products for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets etc). Our in-house pharmacy dispenses prescription medication as well as over-the-counter medication, depending on the situation.

Additional Brands and Products

A carefully selected and monitored diet can help your pet maintain good health. Lennox Head Vet Clinic staff can help you select a suitable nutritional program, as well as preventative health products. We also stock a range of prescription-only pet food products for optimal nutrition as well as specific dietary and medical requirements (such as thyroid disease and urinary tract disease).

Our range includes:

  • Hills Pet Foods and Science Diet ranges
  • Advance pet foods
  • Whiskas prescription pet foods
  • Royal Canin pet foods
  • Nexguard oral flea and tick prevention
  • Comfortis oral flea prevention
  • Bravecto 3 monthly oral flea and tick prevention
  • Frontline topical flea and tick products
  • Advantix topical flea and tick preparations
  • Interceptor Oral Allwormer
  • Vetafarm Avian and reptile supplements
  • Halti Pet leaders
  • Dermcare and Allerderm skin care products
  • ProHeart injectable heartworm prevention